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Darling Yoga

Conscious Images® LLC (national board of acupuncture)

JSJ Inc. (Jin Shin Jyutsu)

Yoga Journal

Bridging The Gap

Diamond Organics

Young Living Essential Oils

Recommended Reading:

if the Buddha came to dinner
— hale sofia schatz

healing with whole foods
— paul pitchford

between heaven and earth
— efrem korngold & harriet beinfield

the touch of healing
— alice burmeister

awakening the Buddha within
— lama suyra das

awakening the spine
— vanda scaravelli

the four agreements
— miguel ruiz

how yoga works
— michael roach & christie mcnally

light on yoga
— bks iyengar

the alchemist
— paulo coelho

yoga and the quest for true self
— stephen cope

peace is every step
— thich nhat hanh

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