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Yoga is a rich, time-honored teaching on how to achieve physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual peace. Yoga (the term literally means "union") aims at integrating and harmonizing emotions, mind, body, spirit. Through a series of physical poses called asanas, yoga teaches how to quiet the mind by placing attention on the breath and on the movement (and stillness) of the body. Yoga can benefit one on many different levels: as a brief and relaxing interlude in a hectic life; as a regime for strengthening and invigorating the body, or as a therapeutic practice for physical difficulties or ailments. Whatever your motivation or level of practice, yoga offers profound benefits that affect all aspects of your life: work, eating habits, family life and relationship with others. By teaching concentration and awareness, yoga can snap you our of your "trance" and draw you gently into the reality of each moment.

About Xi

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Yoga found Xi back in 1999 and since then her relationship with this ancient tradition of self-healing has significantly blossomed and continues to grow in profound ways. Her life experiences, her own practice of yoga inform her creative offerings to this community.

Xi believes the purpose of our yoga practice is not only to purify and cleanse the body and mind through physical postures, but to elevate our consciousness so that we can realize our great potential.

Xi is honored to have had the opportunity to study and learn with skilled teachers such as Shiva Rea (India 2005), Tias Little, Max Strom, Doug Swenson, Kim Schwartz, Bhavani Maki, David Williams, Anna Forrest and Tim Miller. She looks forward to continuing her exploration and education so that she can share it with others.

Xi now ofers private instruction to individuals or groups. Each yoga session focuses on specific breathing techniques, stretching/postures appropriate for individual needs with education on body awareness, proper postural alignment with poses and benefits of relaxation. A private session is 60 minutes of undivided attention for only you.

Xi Nguyen
Yoga Teacher

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